Reduce your operational costs by up to 80%.

  • Experienced Candidates
  • Free Trial Period
  • Daily Logs
  • Secure
  • Replacement Guarantee

  • Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google all hire off shore to reduce their labor costs as well as manage 24 hour support. We help you do the same without having to register in India, set up an office there, hire permanent staff, or do any of the costly things.

    Our method.

    Wisdom Tooth has its branch in the city of Bangalore, India. There we have on our payroll and contractual bench, a wide range of IT and non-IT resources. These are vetted candidates who are ready to join your team on a contractual basis.

    Our Guarantee.

    With Wisdom Tooth, we personally guarantee the following:

  • Vetted and experienced candidates for your specific domain or area of need

  • Free trial period with candidates before contracting.

  • Daily logs

  • Data protection and project confidentiality

  • Contracts starting from 3 months with the option to extend as necessary.

  • Option to back off from contract or ask for replacement till the end of the first month for non-IT resources

  • 3-7 days’ replacement guarantee in case of emergency candidate absence.

  • We are excited to help you grow your business! Contact us today to know more and get a free quote.

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